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Teekkari dictionary

This page contains a number of more or less useful words or concepts which you may encounter around the university. The contents are based on the FuksiAnturi magazine from 2018.


Academic freedom For most courses, no one is tracking your absences or whether you participated in the lectures. With this freedom comes the responsibility of taking care of your own studies.
Academic quarter, quarter Most lectures and exercise groups start 15 past rather than on the hour. Exceptions are informed separately.
Ajaton “Kinda like Doodle.” Scheduling website developed by TiTe members.
Amontillado The first teekkari dipping basket, built in 1966.
Arkkari Student of architecture.
Assistant / Assari Course assistant. Assistants are often in charge of organising exercise groups.


Bommari Bomb shelter located in the basement of Rakennustalo (one of the buildings at Hervanta campus). Bommari has facilities for sports such as floorball and climbing.
Boomerang An exercise which has been returned to you for corrections, e.g. a physics laboratory report.


Cinola Cinema theatre located in Hervanta which belonged to the student union many years ago.
Council The Council of Representatives of the student union. The highest decision making authority in the student union. The council is elected, see Council elections.
Council elections Happens every other year. All members of the student union are eligible to vote. Remember to vote!
Council member A member of the Council. Speaks with your voice. You can find a list of TiTe's current and previous council members here.
Cupola Legendary teekkari restaurant located in Hervanta, which has closed since.


DI The Finnish title for students who have graduated as a M.Sc. (Tech). The full word is “diplomi-insinööri”, which translates to “diploma engineer”.
Diplomityö, dippa, dippatyö Master's thesis in Finnish.
Doodle A convenient tool used to organise meetings and match participants' schedules. Located at
Domus-klubi A club located in Tampere's oldest student housing, Wanha Domus. Various student events are organised here at times.


Edaattori See Council member.
Edari See Council.
Edarivaalit See Council elections.
Ekskursio, excu, xq A study trip which contains visits to companies and other events. Lasts from a day to a week.
Etelä-Hervannan koulu A basic school which is currently located in Konetalo as the school building had issues with climate and was demolished. The new school building is planned to be completed in 2023, so there will be pupils around the campus for the time being.
Etunurtsi Literally “front lawn”; the large grassy area in front of Tietotalo. Great for hanging out and grilling/playing games/picnicing during the warm seasons.
Exam They're not called tests anymore! Nowadays, exams are often electronic and taken via the EXAM system, but good old paper exams are still alive and well on other courses.


Fuksi Freshman/first year student. Becomes a teekkari after the teekkari dipping.
Fuksisuunnistus A large city orienteering event organised in the autumn for fuksis. Very fun!
Fusari, Fusion Kitchen Section of Café Konehuone which offers burgers and steak during the workweek and also in the evenings. Friday is wings day!


Guild Subject association, an association intended for students of one degree programme. Often guilds also accept other technology students or local students as members, so don't be afraid to tag along! TiTe is the guild for students of information technology.
Guild room Your study programme's students' living room. TiTe's guild room is located in the basement of Tietotalo and it includes a vending machine, coffee club, a lot of sitting space, the biggest TV on campus (out of the guild rooms), and a bunch of eager and friendly TiTe members.


Haalari See Overalls.
Halloped Administrative student representatives. They guard students' interests in the university's administrative bodies.
Harkka, harkat Exercise group or exercise session, from the Finnish “harjoitukset”. These supplement lectures.
Hermia Center of technology-related buildings next to the Hervanta campus. Many IT-related companies have their office spaces here.
Hertsi Student restaurant located in Tietotalo's first floor.
Herwood A pet name for Hervanta. The place to be!
Hotelli Torni Emergency housing operated by the student union, which can also be rented for student events. Located at Tekniikantornit. Not to be confused with hotel Torni in the city centre.


Ikifuksi Eternal fuksi. Never got dipped in the teekkari dipping.
Ikiteekkari Eternal teekkari. A person who has been studying for a long time. Will they ever graduate?
IRC, irkki Internet Relay Chat. This used to be the university's main messaging channel. Nowadays IRC mostly houses alumni and some older students.


Juvenes Catering and restaurant company owned by the students. Operates the Newton and Konehuone restaurants on campus.


Kandi Refers to either the bachelor's thesis or someone who has graduated from the bachelor's programme.
Kapina Kultainen Apina, popular pub in Hervanta known for its diverse selection of imported beers.
Kelpo, Kelpo Teekkari Literally “Proper Teekkari”. Title given to someone who has actively promoted teekkari culture for a long time. Title holders have the right to wear the Kelpo Teekkari key. More info here.
Kilta See Guild.
Kiltahuone See Guild room.
Kiltakäytävä Literally “guild hallway”. A hallway in Konetalo where many guild rooms are located.
Konehuone Literally “machine room”. Student café operated by Juvenes in Konetalo. Consists of Fusari (Fusion Kitchen) and Såås Bar.
Konetalon sauna Sauna in the basement of Konetalo. Can be reserved by students.
Kopo Abbreviation of “koulutuspolitiikka”. Educational politics.
Kyykkä A Karelian traditional sport which teekkaris often play. The game is played by throwing a wooden bat (karttu) towards wooden cylinders (kyykät). Tampere hosts the annual academic kyykkä world cup - the biggest student sport event, gathering thousands of students to Hervanta.
Kähmy Old influencer, student active. TiTe's board usually contains a Wanha Kähmy (old kähmy), who advises the board and the chair on how things were done in the Good Old Times.


Lakki Cap. Teekkari caps feature a long black tassel on the right side and are worn with honour. The cap sleeps during the winter, except during special events.
Lecture The main teaching method used in the university. They're not called lessons over here!
Lipasto Literally “chest of drawers”, but is a way to refer to the university as it sounds a bit like the Finnish term “yliopisto”. Back in the day, “lipasto” was used to refer to the University of Tampere in the city centre.


Mikkis Mikontalo, the largest (and most beautiful) student housing.
Mörrimöykky Teekkarisauna. Sauna owned by the Teekkari Union of Tampere, located right next to Hervanta campus on Tekniikankatu.


n > 5. See also: Years of study.
Nakki Literally “sausage”. Some kind of a volunteer duty. Usually very fun.
Nakkilainen Volunteer (for example, at parties)
Newton Restaurant operated by Juvenes in Konetalo. Larger pancakes than in Hertsi.
Noppa See Study credit.


Obeliski A directionless, shiny phallic statue located at Etunurtsi.
OLL Finnish Student Sports Federation (Opiskelijoiden Liikuntaliitto) represents all Finnish higher education students in sports matters.
OPM Finnish for “Oma pyyhe/pullo mukaan”. Bring your own bottle/towel. Latter version implies that the event has a sauna available.
Overalls The identifying feature and favourite clothing item of all students. Overalls are ordered during the fuksi year and financed by selling advertisements. Each subject association has their own overall colour, with TiTe's being stylish black.


Paula Student union's legendary ex-office secretary, who was employed for 29 years. Paula retired in September 2019, but still frequently visits student events. Go Paula!
Paulan tiski The student union's service desk, located in Päärakennus. Named after Paula (see above), but nowadays manned by Helky.
Polamk Police university college located right next to the Hervanta campus. Contains the Police museum, which is free to visit!
Pruju Course material/guidebook usually assembled by the lecturer. Back in the day, prujus were physical documents; nowadays, they are almost exclusively electronic.


Reaktori Student restaurant located in the 2nd floor of Kampusareena.


Selkkari Exercise report; generally requires blood, sweat and tears to complete. See also: Boomerang.
Sitsit Academic dinner party with lots of singing. Formality varies greatly - most sitsit are a casual fun evening of singing and drinking, while others expect guests to dress in white tie with full academic decorations (see also: Vujut). The best way to try out sitsit is at Fuksisitsit!
Skellari Basement of Sähkötalo, which contains a number of various clubrooms.
Sopo Abbreviation of “sosiaalipolitiikka”. Social politics, meaning advocacy relating to all aspects of student life besides studying.
Study credit Collected during your studies. 1 cr = approx 27 hours of work. Collect 120 (or 300 if starting from a bachelor's) to graduate.
SYL National Union of University Students in Finland. Nationwide advocacy organisation.


Takaparkki Parking lot located behind Päärakennus.
Telegram, TG Messaging application that is commonly used by teekkaris.
Tampere3 Unification process between Tampere's three higher education institutes. The new university (see below) started operations in January 2019.
Tampere University The name of the new university which started operations in January 2019. The university was created by the merger of University of Tampere and Tampere University of Technology. You study here!
Tamy Student union of the old University of Tampere. See also: TREY
Teekkari Student of technology. Teekkaris are recognisable by the teekkarilakki (see Lakki) and by their student overalls (see Overalls). New teekkaris are born every year at the Teekkarikaste on May Day.
Teekkari Union of Tampere The Teekkari Union is responsible for safeguarding and promoting teekkari culture following the university merger.
Teekkarikaste, teekkari dipping The culmination of your fuksi year and of Wappu. Here fuksis are reborn as teekkaris. At the event, new fuksis with enough fuksi points are dipped into Tammerkoski and become trueborn teekkaris.
TOAS Tampere Student Housing Foundation. Rents a home to many students in Tampere.
TREY Student Union of Tampere University. Our student union!
TTYY Student union of the now-perished Tampere University of Technology. See also: Teekkari Union of Tampere, TREY.
Tornit, Tekniikan (6) and Tieteen (3) A large number of student housing buildings just behind the university.
Tupsufuksi Second year student. Tupsu means tassel and refers to the fact that tupsufuksis have just received their teekkari caps.
Tupsula Student commune located in the suburb of Annala, housing mostly teekkaris.
Tutor Your replacement mom/dad/sister/brother far from home. Your tutors are here to welcome you to Tampere and Finland and help you get started with your studies.
Tutkari Abbreviation of “tutkinto-opiskelija”. International degree student.


Vaihtari Abbreviation of “vaihto-opiskelija”. Exchange student. Hundreds of exchange students arrive in Tampere every semester. The student association for exchange students at Hervanta campus is INTO.
Vujut Anniversary party. A fancier dinner party (see also: Sitsit), often with a formal dress code and a cocktail event before the main event for invited guests.
Välikoe N*välikoe = tentti


Wäiski Wäinölä, Hervannan ensimmäinen opiskelijatalo.


Years of study 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, N.
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