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 +===== How to apply for a guild computer account? =====
 +Please fill in the application at https://​​tunnus/​.
 +==== Rules and instructions ====
 +  * Accounts are only given to members of the guild. You can join at the guild room.
 +  * Do not store anything important on the machines. The guild is not responsible for lost files.
 +  * Windows machines use one user account, despite you logging in with personal credentials. This means that anyone can see e.g. passwords that you save in the browsers. **Use incognito mode or other similar features!**
 +  * Don't use diacritic letters (for example ä or é) or uppercase in your username.
 +  * All kinds of evil-minded messing about are forbidden.
 +==== Form layout ====
 +| Name |
 +| Student number |
 +| E-mail address |
 +| Username you want |
 +| I am a member of TiTe (check if true) |
 +After filling in all the slots, press '​Lähetä'​.
 +Once your application has been approved, you will receive an e-mail saying the following:​\\
 +>TiTe member account <​username>​ has been made for you with password <​password>​.
 +>Change your password at first opportunity.
 +>You can change your password at https://​​wiki/​.
 +If you have any questions or something breaks, please contact
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